When is it Time to Check Belts & Hoses?

Eventually, your engine's drive and timing belts will crack apart. No engineer has ever been able to make a belt that lasts forever. Coolant hoses have the same problem too. Eventually, they'll dry out and crack apart, which makes it important to get a regular inspect in order to ensure that you never have to suffer a roadside breakdown.

If you've ever heard a squealing noise coming from under your hood, then you might have a split serpentine belt. Engine backfires can be caused by a worn-out timing belt. Keep an eye out for leaks, as these might indicate that there's something wrong with a coolant hose. Some drivers actually like to keep a piece of cardboard under their car or truck in the garage so that they can easily see if anything seems to be leaking.

Should any of these symptoms ring a bell, then it's time to call Red Bluff Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. We're right over in Red Bluff and have licensed technicians on staff who are always ready to take a peek under your hood.

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