When Your Car Doesn’t Start, It Could Be Time for A New Alternator

The next time you crank up your car before heading off to work, think about the last time you had your vehicle’s alternator looked at.

Without a properly functioning alternator, a vehicle will be unable to start as normal. Although the battery may retain enough power to turn on a car, it is completely reliant on the alternator for sustained replenishment of power when the car is in motion. That means the battery will eventually lose power if an automobile is running with a broken alternator, causing the vehicle to stall and switch off.

The best way to avoid this upset is to be sure to check your alternator every several-thousand miles, keeping in mind the manufacturer’s recommendations on when it should be serviced. A margin that is above or below the advised mileage listing can be set as a sign to go by for a routine check on the vehicle.

In Red Bluff , drivers should be mindful to never forget about the importance of having a good battery and alternator. That’s why the professionals here at Red Bluff Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram would like you to recognize your car’s electrical problems before you put the keys in the ignition! Stop by and visit us for a detailed look at your automobile.

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