Hop into a Dodge Challenger at Red Bluff Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

The current Dodge Challenger lineup manages to evoke the best qualities of the original Challenger while modernizing the brand for a tech-obsessed world. While the initial run was comprised solely of performance-oriented muscle, the modern-day Challenger is a much different beast. In addition to the performance options, Dodge has expanded the lineup to compete in the midsize and sedan markets in the US. These cars often have lesser performance and a reduced price tag.

The pinnacle of the Dodge Challenger lineup in terms of performance is the Dodge Demon. This beast can push out as much as 808 horsepower in a straight line. Below the Demon is the Hellcat which also packs a whopping 707 HP. The V8 and V6 version of the Challenger range anywhere from 250-450 HP.

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