You'll see a lot of mid-sized SUVs on the road. Maybe you'd like to see yourself behind the wheel of one. The Dodge Durango sits high on top of the consumer popularity mountain. The cool exterior features contribute to the cause.

The exterior lights draw attention. With the LED daytime running lights, the attention serves as a big positive. Increased visibility adds another level of safety. When necessary, automatic high-beam lamps allow drivers to see better on the road. That helps with safety, too.

And then there are exterior features that flat-out looks awesome. The split crosshair exterior grille fits that description. The grille's stunning design does help it stand out tremendously. Drivers interested in a "muscle car" look will appreciate the grille. For added style, think about an optional racing stripe add-on.

Car shoppers might also appreciate the way the Dodge Durango rides. Visit our dealership if you want to take the Durango out on a test drive.


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